“Curiosity is the lust of the mind”

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Finestrella is an entertaining and informative online space created by Edie Edmondson, providing an entertaining insight into her Italian lifestyle. A light-hearted destination for those who love Italy and it’s culture, stories and travel inspiration, incredible food, a fresh look on style and the colourful Italian language.

Finestrella means little window, your colourful and candid peep into Italy.

Meet Edie

La Finestrella, writer and creator of Italian entertainment and lifestyle blog.Edie is a senior digital project manager, and used to work for Condé Nast Britain and British Glamour magazine in London, before relocating to Italy for her profession – and a bit of old-fashioned love!

Edie lives in the Veneto region and is fluent in Italian. She has fallen for the dynamic Italian cities, based currently in Padua: a porticoed, piazza-punctuated town in Northeast Italy. It’s a city of frescoes and bicycles, the birthplace of the bright, bubbly Spritz cocktail; a city of ‘fat’ spaghetti, the first producers of asparagus and golden-green olive oil, wines so rich even Petrarch, founder of humanism, wrote about their exquisiteness all those centuries ago. Perched casually under Venice, it is lavishly surrounded by soft, Alpine foothills, golden villas, steaming thermal spas (the largest in Europe), devastating castles embedded in a patchwork countryside overrun with vineyards and water flows running east towards the Venetian lagoon.

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