Torta sbriciolata alla Nutella.

It’s happening.

I know that it’s still lent and I’m fully aware that Nutella has no place in the run up to Easter, however I don’t often bake and so very excited to share this naughty little recipe. This is from a swoony Italian blog, lovingly translated for you from Veneto.

As a disclaimer, I’m not the world’s most passionate baker, (ask some of my friends) however something about this recipe and being in Italy has given me the urge to create things and fill the tummies of hungry Italians who happen to be near me.

Throw open the windows, fill up the mocha pot with some freshly toasted Pellini and let’s get cracking.


Scrumptious Nutella Crumble Cake - a final slice


  • Effort: low (yippee)
  • Preparation: 15 min
  • Cooking time: 80 min
  • Portions for: 8 persone
  • Cost: low



  • Butter, 200 g
  • 00 Flour , 500 g
  • Powered yeast for puddings, 5g
  • vanilla pod 1
  • 1 pinch salt
  • Medium egg, 2
  • Icing sugar, 300 g

For the filler:

Nutella, 200 g

(Optional classic ricotta, 600g)


1. Mix the flour and yeast together in a bowl or Kitchen Aid.

2. Cut the butter up in little pieces and add it to the mixture with the vanilla.

3. Then sprinkle in the salt!

4. Flick on the mixers (or use your hands,) and leave until a classic ‘sandy’ texture is achieved.

5. Transfer the mixture into a large bowl and add a flutter of icing sugar.

6. Crack on with the eggs too…

Scrumptious Nutella Crumble Cake

7.  Dig your hands in, and mix using a fast motion to create the crumbly texture. Your aim is to form large crumbs, not a classic slab of dough.

Scrumptious Nutella Crumble Cake

8. Once done, cover your crumbly dough with clingfilm and add to the fridge for a bit.

9. (If you only add Nutella, skip this step!) Now, on with the filling. If you’ve decided to add ricotta with your Nutella, remember to drain the packet at least a couple of hours before. Sift through the ricotta with a strainer and add the Nutella. Mix both together well with a spatula to remove any lumps and create a consistent creamy mix.

10. Cover a bowl with grease proof paper – aim for a bowl with a diametre of approximately 38 cm – add about half of your soft crumble.

11. Squash the crumble gently with your hands…and then add your Nutella filler.

Scrumptious Nutella Crumble Cake

12. Finally, add the remaining crumble everywhere, ensuring that you cover all traces of the Nutella filler.

13. Place your plate into an oven at about 180° for 1 hour 20 minutes, (if you are using a ventilated oven you can leave it for about 160° for 1 hour.)

14. Before serving let it cool slightly, but try it warm as it is dreamy with a fresh cup of coffee or tea!

– TIP! If you notice the surface burning cover with a sheet of aluminum paper
– It should conserve for a couple of days with cling film 
– Instead of Ricotta, you could use a spreadable cheese such as Philadelphia. 


Scrumptious Nutella Crumble Cake

Have a go and enjoy a wave of compliments and happy people – any questions let me know…

Have you made something delectable recently? Leave a comment with your latest sweet concoctions!






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