As much as I love the idea of being utterly au-natural, not applying any make-up ever and letting that Mediterranean air work its balmy magic, no one likes the:

‘oh, you look tired.’

…comment when really you just haven’t applied mascara that day.

I’ve created a round-up of my favourite beauty products that are a bridge between the end of this cold, Italian winter and imminent, balmy spring. You may notice some cheeky minstrels in the pic too. Blogging is energetic work – promise no judgement that there are only 7 left? Thank you.

The Sculpting Powder – Kevin Aucoin

I never used to be into contouring until a year ago when an eye-opening video revealed how a face can literally be transformed. I believe we’re given our unique genes for a reason, and so I’m not an advocate for transforming your face to angled perfection. However, a bit of powdery deception isn’t going to offend anyone. Kevin Aucoin’s contour powder enhances and sculpts the face for more dramatic features – as strong or as subtle as you like. Drift it subtly over temples, jawline, cheeks and eye sockets if you are feeling adventurous for a ‘come hither look.’

On my wish list is it’s illuminating partner in crime: The Celestial Powder

The Sculpting Powder be found in the UK here  and Italy here.

If you want to delve a bit further, watch the gorgeous Lisa Eldridge give a fab contouring tutorial on YouTube.

Be Legendary Matte Lipstick Stylist – Smashbox

I bought this in Autumn, so its probably a little dark for spring, but I wanted to share it as it’s a really luscious, lip plumping lippy, (try saying that fast.) As it’s matte too, it looks polished and effortless. It’s super wearable for day-to-night. Because we ladies are busy and need to be as efficient as possible.

Buy here from the UK and here from Italy.

Minteral Tinted Moisturiser in Light – Caudalie

I bought this for a wedding last year and found it a real complexion enhancer. You do need a bit of a tan for this so it’s perfect for moving into sun-kissed days. The cream is moisturising and illuminates the complexion for that desired, refreshed glow. Lovely texture too, and isn’t too thick (I’m not a fan of cakey foundation. But cake, yes.) It’s 100% Anti-Oxidant too which is fab.

Buy here from the UK and here from Italy.

Cheek Contour Brush – Space NK

I was reluctant to spend a lot on a brush, as you can get perfectly good, inexpensive ones. However, my good friend Juliette and fabulous make-up guru did tell me very wisely over Prosecco once that ‘you only have one face’ so essentially apply great quality stuff on it (within reason I might add.) This fluffy brush has an angled tip for sculpting and shaping cheekbones, you can use it for powder bronzers, blushes, and highlighters so all kinds of things.

Don’t forget to give it a wash with baby shampoo and lukewarm water every now and then!

You can buy it here from the UK. 

Roller Lash Mascara Benefit

I only get Benefit now for mascara and love it. My eyelashes have been compared to those of a cow, which is meant to be a complement (?) Even so, this does what it says on the tin: ‘hooks and rolls’. I find it lasts all day and isn’t a pain to remove either. It will lusciously enhance your own lashes, making them thicker and longer. More expensive than some high street brands, it’s worth it as lasts a while. (I only have the small one so need to promote myself to a new one.)

You can buy here from the UK and here from Italy.

Eyelash Curler – Sally Hansen

For me, this works perfectly. Just don’t use if after your mascara as you’ll have a scary curler-stuck-to-eye situation. It is inexpensive and the curl lasts, giving your lashes a bold look.

Can be found here from the UK.

Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel – Benefit

This is a lovely, little brush and handbag sized too which is fun. It’s a gel that contains little microfibres, creating a natural fullness and clean definition. I love the fact it’s a brush that tames with slight colour: a cheeky two-in-one. No one has all the time in the world to spend on their eyebrows. I don’t know about you but I’m trying to grow them out for my brothers’ wedding in the summer, so daily taming is needed!

Buy here from the UK and here from Italy. 

What are you loving at the moment? Anything I can get out here in Italy?

In the mean-time, why not peruse some Picasso?

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